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Japanese Full Size Rib Roast

Japanese Full Size Rib Roast
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  • Product Code: Japanese Import
  • Availability: In Stock

100% Oishii Wagyu from Japan A5!

Certificate of Authenticity included. 

Full size Rib roast imported from Japan.

12-12.5 lb cut.

Shipped FRESH Never frozen.

Overnight Shipping required.

  • $1,400

100% Oishii Wagyu from Japan A5. 

Full size Rib roast imported from Japan.

Shipped FRESH Never frozen. Kept in temperature 34 °F (1 °C).

To purchase this product No Monthly Membership required.

Overnight Shipping required.

What you get when you purchase from Kobe Club:

✔ Health Benefits:  Up to 30% MORE monounsaturated fats than any other breed of cattle. Heart Healthy Fats!

✔ Taste:  Wagyu has never been defeated in any blind taste steak competition in the USA against all other breeds including Angus!

✔ Level of Prime:  Japanese Score A5.

✔ Packaging:  Shipped in the thick foam boxes. Fresh Never Frozen. In original Japanese Packaging. All USDA inspected. Free Overnight Shipping.

✔ Guarantee:  We guarantee our quality!

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