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Japanese Ribeye Steak

Japanese Ribeye Steak
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100% Oishii Wagyu from Japan A5!

1 Ribeye Steak ( 12-14 oz ) imported from Japan.

  • $109

100% Oishii Wagyu from Japan A5. 

1 Ribeye Steak ( 12-14 oz ) imported from Japan.

Shipped frozen due to American regulations for imported beef that's been open and cut in steaks in USDA approved facilities here in USA. This Tenderloin has been removed from it's Original Packaging from Japan and cut in steaks and repackaged in USDA approved facility under USDA supervision. 

To purchase this product No Monthly Membership is required.

*If you would like to order Never frozen Japanese Beef please see our Full Size Tenderloin that's not been cut in steaks and overnighted Fresh, Never Frozen, in Original packaging. 

What you get when you purchase from Kobe Club:

✔ Health Benefits:  Up to 30% MORE monounsaturated fats than any other breed of cattle. Heart Healthy Fats!

✔ Taste:  Wagyu has never been defeated in any blind taste steak competition in the USA against all other breeds including Angus!

✔ Level of Prime:  Japanese Score A5.

✔ Packaging:  Cut Steaks are individually double vacuum sealed. Shipped in the thick foam boxes with cover carton box, with dry ice and gel packs. All USDA inspected.

✔ Guarantee:  We guarantee our quality!

✔ We are a Fullblood Japanese Wagyu Ranch.

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