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Mangalitsa Pork - Kobe Club offers only the best!

Will and Julia Neal were some of the first owners/breeders of Mangalitsa Pigs in North America. The Mangalitsa were first brought into America in 2010 from Hungary and the Neal's began breeding them in 2012 after traveling to both Napa Valley, California and Michigan to purchase some of the first pigs. The Neal's have sold their piglets around the country to other farms to improve their pork stock. This including putting piglets on planes proving Pigs can Fly! Some of the Neal's Mangalitsa have even been purchased by Universities for studies.

Many people have called the Mangalitsa the “Kobe of Pork”. Possessing healthy fats similar to Japanese Wagyu. These traits were our attraction early on to Mangalitsa.

Mangalitsa is the elite of the pork world! This heritage breed has been preserved by European Royalty, and now Kobe Club offers it in America. Top chefs around the word are raving about Mangalitsa pork, it's so good they even use Mangalitsa lard to blend creams for cakes! It is healthy and has the most beautiful flavor you will ever try in pork.

From Will Neal:

What makes Mangalitsa better than your basic modern pigs raised by commercial farms in America?

Mangalitsa originates from Hungary and was developed in the mid-19th century by crossbreeding Hungarian breeds from Szalonta and Bakony with the European wild boar and the Serbian Šumadija breed. The Mangalitsa pig grows a thick, woolly coat similar to that of a sheep.They have not had the healthy fats bred out of them by modern pork mass production farms. These pigs are essentially unchanged for well over a hundred years. Mangalitsa is the National Treasure of Hungary, just like Wagyu cattle in Japan. 

Many people have called the Mangalitsa the “Kobe of Pork”. Possessing marbling and healthy fats similar to Japanese Wagyu. These traits were our attraction early on to Mangalitsa.

Modern pork type of breeding was introduced by major universities over the past 50 years with the thought that fat was bad for people. Of course in the process that have made all pork lean and taste like paper while peoples health has suffered. To get any real taste from modern pork you must use tremendous amounts of spices. These long lean modern pigs have just had all of the great taste bred out of them by agricultural universities poor study of pork. From early on, children in 4H and FFA are told that this is the right way to raise pork from stock shows around the country with only lean pigs winning their shows that are judged by these same university trained judges. Thru this process you cannot tell the difference from a Yorkshire or a Duroc. They all tastes just alike. Just hide color differentiates the pig breeds.

It was a huge fail. I raised pigs for stock shows in the 1970's and know that this was the primary focus firsthand.

Like Japanese Wagyu cattle, Mangalitsa possess the original healthy fats essential for the human body to get the full benefits from fats. Because of Mangalitsa unique genetics, they are mostly monounsaturated fats and high in omega fatty acids much like the Wagyu. Nutritionists call omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids essential fats for a good reason. The human body needs them for many functions including healthy cells to maintain brain functions. Our bodies cannot produce them and our only source is the food you eat. As in Wagyu, they also will lower the risk of Heart Disease. There is also evidence that they lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and age related brain decline.

By buying our pork, you are telling us you want to support this healthy type of pork. From your purchases we will expand our pork operation to fulfill our clients needs. You make the decision. Try our pork. After enjoying this pork for 7 years, I believe you will see a huge difference.

Let Kobe Club be your source for your Pork as well as your Beef. We are working very hard to bring you only the finest healthy meats for you and your family to enjoy.

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