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Heart Healthy!

King of Beef Club Box


King of Beef Box contains 104 oz  or 128 oz of highest grade Fullblood Wagyu beef raised in USA. Our Highest quality beef at lowest price Ever! Perfectly dry aged. You will receive beef monthly, or every 2 or 3 months.

By becoming a member, you are assuring you and your family get to enjoy healthy super prime beef year round that is humanely raised the way beef should be raised.  You are putting beef on your table that contains up to 30% more monounsaturated healthy fats than any other breed.  Antibiotic free beef with no added hormones.  It is a small investment that over time can have huge health benefits not to mention you are enjoying what chefs around the world say is the gold standard of beef.  100% Japanese Wagyu Beef Raised in USA.

A typical 6.5 Lb package for example will have: 2 Ribeye Steaks ( 14-16 oz each) or NY Strip Steaks (11-14 oz each) or 8 oz each 2  Fillets + 2 Sirloin Steaks or Chuck Steaks + Roast or Brisket +  1 lb Hamburger Steaks.

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Price is locked for 1 year Guaranteed!

RETAIL VALUE: $840.00/month

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Platinum Box Size

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We pack all of our orders in thick Foam boxes, with dry ice and gel packs. FREE Fedex Ground Shipping for $150+ orders! We pack all of our orders in thick Foam boxes, with dry ice and gel packs.


Choose 104 oz or 128 oz of the same quality of Wagyu Beef served at the White House and State dinners.  This is the undisputed king of beef.  It has been shown that Wagyu beef will contain up to 30% more monounsaturated fats (healthy fats) than any other breed of cattle.  These fats keep your heart healthy and the taste will take you on a beef odyssey that you will never forget. Fullblood Wagyu!

These packages will always contain at least 4 steaks and other prime cuts such as ribs, roasts, sausages, and hamburger patties.  Every month you will receive different cuts. This package also qualifies you as a member to receive 15% off all a la carte purchases. 

128 oz package will include larger in size roasts or briskets and larger steaks.

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Bernard W

I have to say I always wanted to purchase kobe steaks. I found this site online and decided to try it. I was so impressed with the taste of the kobe meat but also the customer service! They even shared with me cooking instructions too! I ended up ordering more kobe steaks that actually were delivered past the time for its freshness. I called KOBEClub and they were already on it. I received a fresh order the next day! The folks at KobeClub not only offer a quality piece of meat but also they are quality people! They are a joy to talk to on the phone. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is on the fence. You will be glad you did and this kobe meat will change your life !!


Love it

Outstanding beef! My entire family loves it. Great deal too. Thanks!


Absolutely awesome beef.

Absolutely awesome beef. Quick story.. For our new years celebration we did a side by side comparison of Kobe Club fullblood Wagyu steaks with a fullblood Japanese imported Wagyu ribeye (which was $89/lb btw) While the Japanese beef had more marbling, our group gave the award to Kobe club beef for its texture, flavor, mouth feel and overall enjoyment. Knowing this sure makes your club prices affordable! In fact, just upgraded to your platinum package. Thanks so much KC!!

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Heart Healthy!