You can shop in A La Carte for single cuts or Sample/Gift Packages with No Membership required. Or you can join the Club by purchasing Club Package

Our King of Beef Club Package offers the Highest level Japanese Fullblood Wagyu Beef raised in America at the lowest cost on the market!

Not all Wagyu available on the market today is Fullblood, most of the Wagyu beef on the market is crossed with other breeds.

With our Club Package, you will receive 104 or 128 ounces of the perfectly DRY Aged and marbled Fullblood Wagyu beef each month at a very low price delivered to your home, free shipping included every month. You are locking in your price of the membership for one year in case prices do increase.  The packages will contain various cuts but always a minimumof 4 steaks.  Cancel anytime and you can also put your membership on hold for up to two months if needed to your travel schedule.

Our Prices are the lowest in the industry. In other online stores just two Ribeye steaks of DRY Aged FullBlood Wagyu Beef would cost you $145 plus shipping! In restaurants same quality steaks would cost you double of that if you can find this quality beef. Our King of Beef Package ($223) comes with free shipping, include 6.5 Pounds of Beef including 4 Steaks. Besides Steaks you will receive Roasts, Briskets, Ribs, Skirt Steaks, Sausages, Hamburger steaks, etc.

A typical 6.5 Lb club package for example will have: 2 Ribeye Steaks (14-16 oz each) or NY Strip Steaks (11-14 oz each) or 8 oz each 2 Fillets + 2 Sirloin Steaks or Chuck Steaks + Roast or Brisket + 1 lb Hamburger Steaks.

128 oz package include larger in size roasts or briskets and larger steaks.

Once you purchase at least one (you can purchase more than one) package for monthly delivery, you have the opportunity to purchase additional cuts a la carte at a 15% discount from our already low farm direct pricing. 

All of our beef has up to 30% more monounsaturated fats (heart healthy fats) than other breeds of cattle.  This means you are consuming the healthiest beef according to university studies!  No Hormones or Antibiotics ever!  Our beef is an investment in your health and beef enjoyment that is really hard to measure!

Let us repeat this.

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